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How come some girls flrt with you and say they like you, but after that they want nothing to do with you?
posted by Jacob on 2/14/2008 @5:42:27 PM •
with some girls, it's more about ego and attention than it is about something real. that doesn't mean that the girl you're asking about isn't interested, but... if it seems like she's acting that way with other guys, she might just like that kind of attention.
posted by jon on 2/14/2008
B/c girls want what they want. And if you just give it to us right away its no fun nemore. Play a lil hard to get. Not to bad but just enough to let her know u know what she is up to. But in the end if she still leaves, then she truly wasnt worht ur time an someone ho is will be along soon.
posted by Kc on 2/17/2008
sometime we are just scared...plain and simple~we flirt to show intrest but if we dont get anything back why keep tryin
posted by alicia on 2/21/2008

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