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"Why am I treated this way?"
I'm a 41yr old woman. Since I was in 7th grade I was called a ****. I didn't dress like one, just dressed the way we all did in the 80's. I didn't ask for this, but guys would stalk me, talk about me, lie that they had sex with me. My reputation was ruined, tho I was a virgin! In high school the same thing. I have always been a nice person, outgoing & respectful of theres. I do not understand why people seem to hate me and men stalked me. No one seems to respect me and I give out respect. I have a sucessful carrer. I am a humble person, but still as an adult no one seems to respect me. I DO stick up for mysef when I need to. Back in school I tried to ignore rumors about me that were lies. I had friends, but many of them backstabed me to. I'm on facebook and still treated the same. I have never dressed or acted like a **** but everyone from school still to this day think I was. we're adults and I don't understand what I did to get this treatment! I have been nice, sweet to others, I don't dress or talk like a ****. Or easy woman. I am not shy, I had confidence, but it's wearing thin after all these years of abuse. Guys stalked me at school and lied that they had sex with me. Everyone believed them and now on facebook I seem to just mean nothing to anyone but a couple. Why do they hate me so much? I am attractive, but there were many more attractive than me and they weren't treated this way. It's gone on all my life and I don't understand this treatment of lack of respect. They say you give it you get it. I haven't and it's really tearing me up. I've also been stalked in my adult life. I just want respect! They also say treat others as you want and i do. I respect them and they don't respect me. Breaks my heart and I don't get why I was made the center of all this bad things about me and ruined my reputation even as adult. Very sad and don't know how to fix it.
posted by Gina on 8/30/2012 @11:13:16 AM •
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