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"Return Cat to Original Owner"
I have been feeding a stray cat for 3-4 weeks. It has approached my husband & I and allowed us to pet it. It even started stepping inside the house to eat at the door. Recently we had some bad weather (rainy & very hot) I worried if the cat would be hit by a car or was thirsty etc. This past Wednesday we decided to make the cat our pet. I took it to the vet to ensure he is in good health. The next day a lady was driving her car slowly yelling Kitty, Kitty. I asked if I could help. She said she lived a couple streets over and has a cat that didn't come home last night. She said she lets it outside all day but he always comes home at night. I told her I have seen it and fed it but that's all. I told her pets aren't allowed to roam because the humane society will pick them up and it could gets killed by a car. She said she knows as she has had 2 previous cats killed. Now she is posting color pictures around the neighborhood saying her cat has been missing since this past Tuesday. I'm afraid if I give it back, she will let it back out and I will be still feeding it or worse it could be killed. I feel like I stole someones kid but I feel if she really cared she wouldn't let it out all day and risk it being hurt or thirsty without water in this terrible heat. He is scheduled to be declawed and I had him get all his shots. Please tell me the right thing to do. My intention is to keep him in the house. That's why he is being declawed??
posted by Diane (age 52) on 9/1/2012 @11:09:33 AM •
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