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"my boyfriend is depressing"
I met this wonderful man 2 months ago. he is a desert storm/shield vet. come to find out that he has PTSD, and othre issues, which isnt a problem. I love him and he loves me but because of his situation, he lives at a vet's home, he is constantly depressed and its bringing me down. i have my own stressors and now i have his on top of everything. he says i'm his whole world, he has no one else, he wouldnt know what to do without me. he calls me once an hour and texts me. I recently found out he has ED and Low testostrone which equals NO sex drive and a shot libidio.

i really care for him and love him but this relationship is very toxic for me. I have so many stressors in my life and this is not helping my health.

what do i do? do i leave him, do i stay, i'm just so confused. I do not want to hurt him. if i leave he may do something drastic.

please help
posted by lucille (age 58) on 9/4/2012 @12:53:52 PM •
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