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"Breaking the Girl Code?"
I met a guy about a year ago who is wonderful and one of my very best friends. We hang out every chance we can get, we never really fight (argue yes, but its never mean), and I can honestly say we are opposites in the most perfect way; where he is logical, I am emotional; I tend to shy into the background, but he shines light on me; and we can laugh for hours about the smallest things. In short, we are perfect for each other and recently our conversations have turned to us possibly dating. The problem is, for about 3 months last year he was dating a very close friend of mine. Their relationship was a mess, everyone who was close to them knew they were not compatible, and their split was NOT a happy one. Idon't know if it would be right to go out with him. And so out of respect for my friend, whenever he half jokingly suggests we date I shut the topic down. I'm afraid I've really missed a wonderful opportunity at happiness by doing this, am I doing the right thing? Should I get him to bring up us dating again so I can say how wonderful I think it would be? What if he never brings it up again because of my automatic negative response? I really need some guidance here. Thank you and much love from a college romantic in distress!
posted by Sarah (age 19) on 9/8/2012 @9:06:41 PM •
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