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"Its really complacating"
Im going to try to explain this in a nut shell even tho its pretty long, I am 21 yrs old and a mother of 3 all from diffrent men so as u can tell i have trouble with men and even wemon the reason i say my situations more complacated is because it involves my daughts fathers friend we just had her she is 2months and me and him have had problems for a very long time now id say for about 2yrs and a couple of months we are not together anymore and i feel our relationships problems never went no were they kept repeating we were have been on and off in the past scents 2010 our relationship is bad in so many ways hes 36 and is immature and has no real job and our communications horrable i feel that it is doomed and cannot be repaired for so many reasons and his friend who is also 36 has a fultime job as a manager also has children 2 sons and has been a father longer than i have been a mother i get along with him so well and i love his sons hes looking for a women who can appreciate his love and dedacation to his sons hes told me he has told wemon that his sons come first and that he hasnt found a women who can accept and appriciate that and that makes me even more attracted to him he is like me in too many ways from foods we eat to what we want to do with or lives and we both love company from the oppasite sex he came out of a 13yr relatonship witch he says he should have ended long ago imattracted to goal oriantated famiy men who are intellagent and he is open about telling me how he feels and is open minded i feel horable about the whole situation but i can not help how im feeling i watch his children for him on Thursdays because i know how hard it is being a single parent and being mommy and daddy but also because i like him im afraid of him finding out not only because of his friendship he has with my daughters father before i started dating my daughters father iv been trying to push the feeling i have here and there away but when hes complamented on how much of a beautiful smile i have and that i should keep smiling and that he wishes his x of 13 years was kind of like me a social butterfly and a better personality like mine and he also makes sexual joke he also said that he never makes the first move and after my daughters father who i persued i dont ether i feel like maybe he is attracted to me to but i could be wrong i feel like were both what the other persons looking for in a partner but because of my daughters father i feel i should leave it alone what do u feel i should I do? i apprecite youre help thank u

posted by Annie on 9/11/2012 @8:54:10 PM •
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