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"College Scholorships"
Ok, my 2 older cousins both got scholorships to Lee University, 1for Band, the other for Girls Soccer, I dont think I'll get a scholorship for anything and I wanna know, should I feel like they are better than me, just cuz they r really godd at something, and I'm not? help me out people!! ♥
posted by Jacob C. on 2/14/2008 @6:26:48 PM •
no way!! just look into what you need to do to apply for some. i've always heard that there are soooo many scholarships out there that people don't know about. it just takes a little research on your part. also, just because you don't play an instrument or sport doesn't mean you can't get a scholarship. just try for some. i didn't do anything special either, but i got a full ride to two different colleges and i just graduated with a 3.78... might be a good place to start. they'll show you all kinds of scholarships you might be able to get.
posted by mindy on 2/14/2008
You can pretty much get some cash for college for just about anything, go to, you'll find all sorts of things. Left-handed people, Red haired people, hey, make your prom suit out of Duct Tape.

If you don't have anything you do that you consider "good" don't sweat it. Also look into Grants.
posted by Dave on 3/21/2008

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