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"wait or leave him?"
Well i met my boyfriend in middle/high school but never dated till about 4 years later. We have been together for almost 3 years now and i moved away to be with my family in Texas about 3 months ago (he lives in Colorado). We are both 20 years of age. The problem that i am having is that he's never had a job or licence. He works with his grandfather but doesn't have a set pay and is living with his mom still who doesn't help him teach him how to drive (I taught him a bit while living in Colorado) or encourage him to get a job. While living in Colorado i always drove him places and paid for the activities that we would do together and had a job since age 14. I have been waiting for him to get a job and drivers licence since we have been together but have been more strict about it in the past 2 months so i can move back and save up to get a place together but he says that he either "I forgot" "I had to babysit the dogs" "I didn't have a ride to get to a place with WiFi" or my favorite "I had to clean my room and do laundry" . My family says i can do better but it was love at first sight with us but i don't know if staying with him is the best for us both right now....i want to wait but i'm thinking he's making excuses just to be lazy and knows that he already has me so he doesn't have to try as hard. Please help me i need someone else's opinion besides my family and friends who just pressure me to leave him and go back to my ex who is doing way better than my current boyfriend. He also has free college and yet has done nothing with it. Do you think waiting patiently would be best? or break it off to see if he will ever grow up?
P.S He is also a manipulator and gets depressed whenever we talk about him not having a job.He will tend to turn things around and i end up to apologize for getting onto him about not having a job. That's another issue that i have is that i say sorry to his problems even tho i don't have anything to do with them. How to i fix my confidence on to tell him no??

Please help me thank you
posted by Ellyse (age 20) on 9/12/2012 @8:03:40 PM •
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