relationship advice (post new situation)
"Should I continue this relationshop?"
I've been with my boyfriend for the past year and a half. Until now I was completely happy and convinced I would be with him forever, but then I started having doubts. I start doubting marriage, which we basically have been saying that it will happen in the future. I keep comparing him to other people. I even sometimes wish that I just never met him so I don't have to feel this way or that he would just break it off with me if I just start acting a certain way, but I know he loves me and I don't know if he will. I think about the conversations we had about us getting married and having kids and planning a future. The thought of even considering breaking it off is breaking my heart because I know it will break his. I don't know if I could ever do it and that scares me because then I could be stuck in a relationship that I am not full into. I sometimes just wanna pack up and move away without a word but I know that is cowardly and would probably be the worst thing I do, but its just in my mind.

I'm young and this is my first serious relationship. He is 10 years older than me and wants to start a family soon. I always wanted to wait till I was maybe around thirty to even start than and I sometimes even doubt if I want children. I know he definitely wants them and I just never told him about my doubts. I thought maybe saying that I didn't want children would make him break it off with me, but I'm not so sure...

There are also times were I think I am being ridiculous and that I absolutely love him with all my heart. But I keep going back and forth.

Lastly, my parents also don't approve at all, because he is not apart of the same religion. I'm not really religious and neither is he so I never cared but I started thinking about the void this could cause between me and them.

Any advice would be great because lately I'm too afraid to talk to him and the anxiety I am feeling is really messing me up.
posted by Amanda (age 21) on 9/14/2012 @10:52:08 PM •
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