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My boyfriend of 4 months and I have spent the last week arguing. It started with him picking up my phone to play a game. I asked him what he was doing and he took it as I was guilty of something. I have nothing to to hide. I Have never asked him what he was doing with my phone before that night.Since that incedent we have argued over everything. He even stopped staying over. He tells me I need to work on things like being more appreciative, show more excitement, be more active with him and my child, and pay more attention. i know he is right about all of those things. And that if I dont change he doesnt want a future with me. I dont want to lose him. Honestly he is the best thing to ever happen to be besides my child. I'm not sure how to change and if i can do it fast enough. Now for the past week he is unhappy. ANY ADVICE I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE.
posted by beth on 10/2/2012 @8:55:26 PM •
since he brought it up, ask him to help you change. ask him what kinds of things to do or not do and be specific. if they are reasonable and you agree cool! if not, review the relationship,
posted by susan on 10/18/2012

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