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I have dated my boyfriend of 7 yrs and have a 2 yr old by him. We continue to fight and has been going on for almost 3 yrs now. We may have 10 happy days out of a whole month. He doesnt want to stop smoking marijuana, he is very insecure because of his past of cheating on me and lieing to me. He just recently got another girls number and didnt want to tell me. This is only partial of my story but i just dont know if its worth continuing or trying. Please some one give me some helpful advice on just what ive spoken upon. Thank you.
posted by Annonymous (age 21) on 10/4/2012 @12:43:15 PM •
do you realize you could lose your son because of his marijuana use? and because of the fighting? Plus what are you teaching your child? That its okay to treat Mommy and other people this way! do you want your child to grow up to be just like this guy that has no respect for you? He will never stop cheating on you, he will just learn to hide it you know how many men are out there in the world? don't settle for one doesn't act like a real man! Put yourself and your child first for once and get out of this relationship. You should seek child support but use his illegal drug use as a way to get supervised visitation for him if he even cares enough to do it.
posted by susan on 10/18/2012

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