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"Ex Wife"
Im a 19 year oold college student ,I met a 22 year old about 8 months ago . I accepted the fact that he had previously been married to the mother of his 2 year old child . These have been separated for 2 years he's had other relationships after her.I asked him to get a divorce as we had the money and I want to do things right. This lady went creazy saying "so, this is the end" and he called her and it just bothered me tremendously . I think he needs to ask her to behave and let her know i exist i know this lady has just began the hard times shes goin to give my relationship with him, because they are jut trashy people. I think I desrve better but I felt in love with who he is and I care for him, at the same time im very unsecure of myself because, he's made me feel of less value to him yet I admit I've allowed him to.I want advice Idk how to act what to do , should i demand her knowledge of me ?Should I just walf away?How to deal with this?Please help me im desprate.
posted by laura (age 19) on 10/10/2012 @9:55:09 AM •
You are in college! focus on yourself and what you want to do with your life. You have a lot of life ahead of you and I guarantee you will meet more people and a better class of people as you move up in your college career! You don't know what the future will bring but if you allow yourself to enjoy being in the here and now and open your eyes to the opportunities offered through the school you are at, you will meet some awesome people that are more deserving of your time and energy. You may think you "love" this guy right now but there are a ton of guys out there that you can meet if you remain single. Take some women studies classes and some psychology classes just to get an idea of who you really are, you are still becoming a butterfly, don't settle for a worm!!!
posted by susan on 10/18/2012

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