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"Life insurance"
My dad passes a month ago he died of a long battle of Parkinson's disease he was in a nursing home before he was placed in the nursing home he paid most of his own funeral bill but there was a 1600 balance leftover we are a family of four 3 sister one brother he is the eldest Iam the youngest when he passed he laid and said he didn't have a policy for him and one of my sister confirm he didn't so we all split the bill he also keep most of the envelope from our friends which contained money anyway the day my dad was buried he was after a death certificate and I found out he did had a policy on my dad since I was hurt I told my sister and she told him and a war between family started Iam so hurt how could a son make montery gain from your father and not even pay the funeral bill which wasn't much my question is should I take him to small claim court my dad never knew he had him insured and made him sign a policy without his knowledge I really love my only brother and don't want to hurt him but Iam so upset with my brother for the lack of disrespect he had got him he never cared to go visit him either now he claims he done with me and so his daughters and one of my sister our family is departed cause of this love to hear a little advise thanks Liz
posted by Liz (age 49) on 10/15/2012 @9:27:43 PM •
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