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"seeking fairness"
person 1 contributes $400 to the household (steady income). Person 2 contributes $200-350 to household (various part time jobs) Person 2 borrows $500-600 per month from parents to help meet bills (will need to be repaid when person 2 gets steady work) person 3 is person 1 boyfriend has steady job contributes no money cooks approx once a week, occasionally bring over food valued at approx $40 per month. does all laundry here leaves dishes and messes out unless told to pick up after himself. usually responds with "that wasn't mine" when asked to contribute monetarily, complains that he has "other bills" and does not believe he should be responsible for any bills. has started staying away more but still comes here to do all laundry and stays 2-3 days a week. I feel we are being taken advantage of but need another opinion.
posted by Susan (age 47) on 10/18/2012 @7:31:05 PM •
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