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me and a girl I dated for 2 years had broke up now she has a boyfriend but we still talk have sex and relized we love each other but for a couple months she has been telling me she will leave him but he is violent and drinks to much so she scared to and I'm stuck waiting and hurting
posted by alex (age 20) on 10/20/2012 @7:37:42 PM •
If he's violent, she may be afraid he might do something to you. If possible, get her family involved by letting them know this guy is violent to her. The safest way to break it off with this jerk would be to get her family and as many friends as possible together at a public place, like a mall (somewhere where there is no alcohol but a lot of witnesses) she could then tell him it's over and have her support system there in case he gets violent. The idea is not to have a riot but have people there that can diffuse the situation and protect her if needed. if he ever does hurt her, she needs to call the cops and maybe get a restraining order. If she doesn't want to do this, maybe he's not as bad as she says he is. There is always the possibility that she is playing you, I don't know either of you but I'm just tossing out some ideas. Good luck mate!
posted by Katherine on 10/22/2012

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