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"My mom wants me to care for my pregnant "
My mom has moved out of state for her work and my step dad is in the process of leaving also. They have left my 18 yr old brother in their house, so I have him over to help with his homework and give him a good meal (since I am only a mile away) and I'm married with my third child almost here... Anyway. My lil sister (age21) is pregnant with her second child (unwed) and my mom is moving her into her house with my brother. SO the only people my sister will have to lean on is my brother and me... I want to help her but will not be able to when I have work, 3 kids and so on... Or my brother who is in college and does not need to have any of that responsibility put on him... When I tried to talk to my mom about this she just went on about how much stress she was under at work and if I didn't care enough about her to not put any more stress on her... I hung up because I have a lot going on in my life too and I feel like she is wanting me to take my sister under my wing also and I just can't... My mom can afford to keep helping her with her bills and let her stay where she is so that she has a better support system and when I proposed her moving out there with them my step dad said they won't have time to deal with it... And I do?!?!
posted by Brittney on 10/20/2012 @10:53:49 PM •
You have your life, your parents have their lives, your brother his, your sis get the picture. People have been having babies for quite a long time time now, at least 100 years or so (lol) It seems to me that your brother and sister can help each other out. They will be living under the same roof, and are old enough to take care of each other. Your parents certainly must feel like they are responsible enough to be left alone or they would have them stay with them! You can not let your own children, work or health suffer because of choices made by other adults you are related to. millions of mothers around the world take care of themselves and their children just fine. There is nothing wrong with calling maybe once a day to say "hi", and give words of encouragement. But that is all you should feel responsible for. After all what are they going to do for you if you lose your job, or get sick because you ran yourself ragged for them? You cannot save the world, just your world.
posted by Katherine on 10/22/2012

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