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"Where do we stand ?"
Okay so here's my problem I've been talking to this guy named Denny and and have been since July . We met online looking past the age difference he seemed a good match for me. we had similar outlooks on life. our difference is political views but we don't let it affect us . The problem is that he found he has a son with a woman he dated almost two years ago and on top of that he has a busy work load. I've only seen him once in all the time that I've known him.we talk on the phone every day text eachother whenever we can . I do feel like I know him pretty well . And know things about him he wouldn't tell a soul about . He says I'm his girl but at the same time tells people I'm his friend and he wants to take me on vacation next month . What I want to know is Denny worth waiting for and being in relationship with.
posted by Katheryn on 11/10/2012 @8:27:38 AM •
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