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"Mother Rejection"
My whole life my mother hated me, youngest of 6, and I was the family punching bag. I was neglected, mocked, abused verbally and physically and worse. I tried my whole life to get her to love me, but she just sold me out and actually enjoyed my failures as if to prove why she didn't like me. 12 years ago she was yelling at me over something and said she never liked me, and so I left her alone...hoping she'd come around in my absence. Instead she would write cards "at" me about my family but never ask me about me or my kids (I'm a widow). One day I hear through the funeral home that she died of a long battle with cancer, I was never informed and she didn't even say goodbye. She was evil, mean, hateful towards me, rejecting, unloving, and yet all I ever wanted was a mother's love.
Of what use was it to her to not tell me she was even sick? Or even to say goodbye?
posted by Heather (age 48) on 11/16/2012 @4:00:17 AM •
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