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"i want out"
been with a guy for 8 yrs now, been living together for last 3 yrs. i have 4 shool age kids- middle and high school and he has 3 grown kids with 5 grandbabies. i am 36 and he is 42, we are complete opposites, the trouble began when he moved in, he to me has ocd, when we met he had 2 jobs and i had my own income as well, 5 yrs ago he becam disabled so he still has good income but alot of idle time. he loves to party and travel and basically comes and goes when he wants. i dont do none of those things. sex is so boring to me because all i do is make HIM release and i get nuthing. he thinks everything is good but i dont even like being in public with him cuz he is so socialable and i am not! i want out to explore other options but i dont know how, i been sad and bored for the last 3 yrs and he refuse to believe i am not happy. what should i do?
posted by mel (age 36) on 11/18/2012 @10:36:03 AM •
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