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I am 16 years old. Even though I am younger, majority of my friends are older. I just find it easier to talk to older people because they know what is going on and they've been through it all.But about a month ago I started hanging out with a guy I work with.He is twenty years old. i wasn't expecting anything out of our friendship because of the whole age difference. But after getting to know him, i knew he was just such an amazing person that I had to be with him. So he soon asked me out, and we are now dating. We have been going out for 1 week now, and things have been going great. Most of our friends understand our situation, but there is always some that dont approve of it. So im just wondering if I am in the right by dating him..or if i should just forget about it.
posted by LaChelle on 2/15/2008 @7:51:17 AM •
Alright Sweetheart, Just Remember "age is only a number" if ur happy but ur friends dont approve, that means that they are probably just jelous b-cuz they mite not be as happy as u!!
Hope I helped!
posted by Jacob C. on 2/15/2008
i agree that age is only a number, but... it depends on the age span. four years isn't too awful bad. a good way to measure something is this: if you are having to hide it from people, it might be worth considering not doing whatever you're having to hide... i hope that makes sense.
posted by jon on 2/15/2008
age is not JUST a number. there is a huge maturity difference between those ages. ive been there. ive done that and trust me, its NOT worth it. i promise. do what makes you happy but wouldnt you be weirded out if one of your 16 year old friends was dating a 12 year old? it is the same
posted by sky on 2/15/2008
just be careful. make sure that you talk to him about things you do and don't want. watch out for yourself and make it clear to him what a relationship means to you. you are young, so live it up...just don't do anything you're gonna regret in the future. good luck! :)
posted by sara on 2/15/2008

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