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"divorce and work"
Ok i need some life advice. First of all, my husband and i are getting a divorce. Right now we're seperated but still living together. Its not so bad because we never see each other but Im ready to get out of there. I used to be a pharmacy technician for four years and it stressed me out bad so i left in February to start my own cleaning business. Its not really picking up like i thought it would but i do love what i do. Im a lot less stressed and not so sick all of the time but its not enough money to support myself. Im starting to think i should just quit my business and go back to work so i can afford to get my own place but i dread thinking about going back to the medical field and there's not a lot else out there that would pay enough for me to be on my own. I have an add going into the yellow pages in two months and its a good possibility my business could blow up with more clients but then Im stuck with him still living under the same roof. What should i do? What's the smart thing to do? Any advice would be much appreciated :/ thank you.
posted by rhea (age 24) on 11/22/2012 @8:16:33 PM •
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