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I am about to get married in 10 days. My future stepdaughter tried yesterday to shove me down a flight of stairs. She is now sitting in jail for assualt, and after an investigation because of the injuries i suffered the charges maybe more. My fiance, said she deserves to be where she is. And he feels terrible about what she did to me. She is an adult. I am having mixed feelings about getting married now. I never want to see her again. I want nothing to do with her after everything I have done for her. I let her move in my house and I supported her. But I cant ask him to never have anything to do with her again. I wouldnt do that to my own children. I am worried that this may put a wedge between us in the future. I love him with all my heart so right now I am emotionally distraught and physically injured. I am thinking I should call off the wedding. My head is telling me thats the smart thing to do. I dont want her a part of my life. I actually feel she was trying to kill me. She hit me with such force from behind that i suffered sever whiplash if it had not been for a hand rail i would have gone head first. My finance was out of town for work. he tells me he loves me and that he is so concerned about my health. but i can tell he is torn.
posted by marie (age 47) on 12/2/2012 @11:36:34 PM •
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