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"Am I crazy or do i have reason to worry "
I have been dating this guy for over 6 years now and we share a son, I have always thought that his relationship with his best friends wife was a little too close but he assured me there was nothing to worry about. A couple of years ago we decided to engage in a swap and since then I always fear that more is going on. The agreement behind our swap is that it only takes place if all parties are involved. But i can't help but this something is going on behind my back. When I review our mobile phone records I see that he exchanges over 1000 text messages a month with her versus only 300 with me. He's always hiding his phone, rarely engages in conversation with me. When she wanted to make life style changes he encouraged her and helped her, when I wanted to he put me down and said:" why bother you wont follow threw" I feel like he never supports me.
I know I should never have allowed the swap to occur but I thought it would help spice things up now i feel like he only has sex with me so the next day he can suggest an exchange. What do you think do i have reason to doubt him or is it only my crazy insecurities taking over??
posted by Selena (age 34) on 12/5/2012 @11:38:38 PM •
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