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"Mother-in-law insanity"
My family (husband, myself, my two step-children, and my two toddlers) all live on a farm. My in-laws live in an RV on our property. My husband is dealing with major depression right now; he sleeps a lot; he is irritable; we are seeking therapy for him, but he only goes once a week, and we've just started.

My husband's mom is a mess. She loves all of us, in her way. But she is a nervous wreck; anxious, judgy, "like a fart in a whirlwind." She repeats herself multiple times; she is always talking in a steady stream of anxious things she wants to do or will do or may do; she is always telling me what I should do, what the kids should do, what my husband should do. She wears me out. AND she walks in my house without knocking multiple times daily. She will make a plan for us during the day, without my input, then *suggest* it, then act offended if I don't agree. She wants to take my kids (the littlest ones) around driving, but I don't feel comfortable with that. She is a scatter-brain, always losing keys, her phone, her purse....I don't mean just now and then. I mean EVERY SINGLE DAY. I don't trust her to take my kids out and keep track of them.

I can't get her to move away. She helps a lot around the farm, so my husband doesn't want to lose her free help. But it comes with a price, I think, for all of us.

I just seriously don't know what to do. I want to set some boundaries, but I don't know how. My husband thinks she is well-meaning (I'm sure she is), so that justifies everything. She's driving me crazy.
posted by Josa (age 36) on 12/11/2012 @8:55:25 AM •
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