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"older boyz:)"
ok im only 14 and i like to flirt with the older boys....and they always seem to like me bak and i txt older dudes all the time and i think theyre a little too maturefor me.....but i STLL talk to them and continue to flirt....they have all asked me out and ive been out with one or two. so shuld i keep flirtingor stop and date someone my OWN age???
posted by chelsy on 2/15/2008 @1:18:17 PM •
why do you flirt with older guys? is it because they give you the attention that you want? if so, think about why they are giving you that kind of attention...they aren't dumb and know exactly what to do to get what they want. if you are what they want, sure they're gonna give you some attention. also, there's a difference in 'mature' and 'smooth'. are they really mature or are they just smooth enough to make you think so? i know it feels nice for them to like you, but what is it that they like about you? if you need to flirt to get attention, maybe there's an underlying cause for you acting like that. maybe you need to chill out and let somebody chase you. it feels sooo much better when they want you for you and you can just relax.
posted by sara on 2/15/2008
I think you should continue to flirt with older guys if they are not innapropriate and treat you right why not go for it. My boyfriend and i are 3 years apart he is 17 and i am 14, we are taking it slowly and haven't had sex yet. I know he respects me and cares about me. To start with we had probelems as he wasnt comfortable with the age difference however the fact that older guys have no probelem with being with you and you may happen to like them then why not flirt you never know something may happen out of it. Follow your heart. Gurrrd luck x
posted by Ruby (age 14) on 4/12/2008

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