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My wife (67) has grown children from a previous marriage. They have children of their own ages 10 and 9. This weekend, my wife's daughter and husband are going upstate and asked us to look after their children, my wife's grandkids. They can drive to their destination and take a slight detour were they to drop the kids off at our house, adding no more than 30 minutes to their trip. My wife volunteered us to meet them half way as a convenience to them, even though it would cost us about an hour's trip that is out of the way. I never see my wife's children ever make things convenient for her nor us. I say they are disrespecting her and us by asking us to go out of our way to make their lives convenient. Even though I understand it is most likely unintended, I feel they are not showing proper respect to us. My wife feels differently. We've been arguing about this and need some advice.
posted by Julio (age 52) on 1/22/2013 @12:44:50 AM •
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