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"this guy"
so there is this guy i really like. we get along really well and he is like the only person i really trust. the only problem is he lives 45 minutes away. everytime he visits and we are together he makes me feel like the only person on earth and everything is perfect. then when he is not with me he hits on every girl in sight. so i dont know what to do. help me?
posted by Kat on 2/15/2008 @4:19:36 PM •
no matter how he makes you feel, you need to be able to trust him. if he's always flirting with girls when he's not around you, who's to say he doesn't make them feel like the only person on earth? i know it's wonderful to feel like he cares so much about you when he's around, but if he's flirting with other girls when you're not around, doesn't that cancel out those times? i hope you will think about how much trust matters in a relationship. if you don't trust him, what's the point? i wouldn't be able to trust him. if he wants to flirt with other girls, do it as a single guy...he shouldn't lead you on. he sounds like a player...
posted by me on 2/15/2008

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