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"no one to talk to"
I have had issues with my boyfriend, we have 2 kids together and that is a big reason we still deal with each other. I am helping my sister with adding her kids onto my taxes to help her get a car especially because her youngest is at the hospital and requires special care, so she needs a car to get around. My bf is telling me I better not do it and is threatening me that if I do add them I have to use that money to move out. We have had issues in our relationship for a while now. He does not respect what I want or need. He is really disrespectful and I know I am not perfect, he says he wants more attention from me. We do not have sex often anymore or have much physical contact and that is what he complains about me. I understand, but he is rude and disrespectful, so even if I want to be affectionate he always seems to do something that pushes me away. I have done a lot for him over the last 5 years and he is so ungrateful and that bothers me. I donít have anyone to talk to and I canít seem to talk to him whenever I have problems with my family or at work because he is quick to get upset and yell at me. I want to leave, but I donít know what to do.
posted by Vanessa (age 30) on 1/22/2013 @1:28:11 PM •
Your instincts are correct; dump the [derogatory word]. That sister of yours? I don't know what her living space is like, but if you move out, you can dump the skeez, as well as add everyone onto the taxes. (Not to mention I think that would be the legal way to do it. But what do I know about taxes? I'm a freshman in college.) But yeah. First things first: I say dump him.
posted by Chris (age 18) on 2/7/2013
Because you two have kids together I say try a trial period away from each other. Go stay at your sisters for a while, as I can't see her having a problem with this if you are helping her out with the taxes and a vehicle. You never know maybe he'll be more aware of the things you do for him when those things disappear and want you back. That and time away can bring back that sexual flair that hasn't been going down... but you two have children together and have a responsibility that should be shared. Keep your head up and explore your options.
Good luck Vanessa, B
posted by B on 2/12/2013

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