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My boyfriend has ed. he is 56 years old, has been to the doctor and everything checks out ok. i think its psycological. i asked him have you ever made love to somebody that it felt so good so right in your heart. he said yes, then he caught her with another man in his bed. i told him i thought he associated the lovemaking with the infidelity of his now ex wife and that may be part of his ed. he won't go to counsiling and we don't make love. what can i do to convinse him that our lovemaking is not going to result in me fooling around with another man?
posted by tracy (age 47) on 1/29/2013 @12:04:25 PM •
If there's one thing that I learned in Psychology 101, it's that you're right; your man's . . . ED is probably psychological. Which may mean there's virtually nothing you can say or do that you haven't already tried, except maybe working on better showing you can be trusted. I don't quite know how, but the more comfortable he feels with you, the closer you guys get in your relationship, maybe then he'll come around . . . in more ways than one.
posted by Chris (age 18) on 2/7/2013

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