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"Old Ex/Frirnd"
So, i ended a relationship with a guyi was with for almost 3 years because he changed and treated me terrible. As soon as I did.. a oldddd ex from highschool moved back into town and was hanging out with me everyday since hes been back, some of my friends called it fate.
We were also really good friends in highschool we always hanged out with friends and did stupid things and were pretty close.
Well now we are together.. but not.. we act like boyfriend and girlfriend, but we are not. Were even very intimate. We hold and kiss eachother infront of family, friends, bestfriends, public. He knows i wanna be labled as his girlfriend.. but its only been a month and he dosent wanna rush. He said hes complicated.. and does not let people in easily. I told him how i felt completely and he said he likes me, but not as much as I like him.. because im slowly falling for him. I told him i like him more and more everyday, he said the same but it takes him more time.But since I have told him that he has not answered text or calls.. which he was never very good at in the first place. I dont wanna smother and push on him.. but I dont wanna get hurt or used.
posted by Amanda on 1/30/2013 @2:32:00 PM •
I'll say this now: I don't believe he sees you as a booty call. However, if he can't "put a ring on it" (so to speak), because he doesn't wanna rush things, and yet you two have been at least PDA intimate in that period of time, I think you should think about what you both are getting out of the pseudo-relationship. Personally speaking, if I haven't made it official with a girl that I essentially treat like my girlfriend, it's because either 1.) I'm not sure how I truly feel about said girl, 2.) I have other options and I want to keep them open, or 3.) all of the above.
posted by Chris (age 18) on 2/7/2013

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