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"I envy my sister"
Well my last grandfather has just passed away a little over two weeks ago, and family came down for the funeral. and my older sister was the one making them laugh and making them feel better before the funeral. I'm the awkwardly anti-social one in my family, always in my room and only out for food and the bathroom. But in this case we all gave up our rooms for our cousins and aunties and their boyfriends. Anyways i was finally out of my room, but i felt like i didn't belong. She made it look so easy being cheeky and making them laugh and smile...I am jealous of her i admit that. but for some reason it makes me want to cry. And when the funeral and such was over, my aunties and cousins were going home, they all hugged and said "i love you" to everyone, and a few people invited my other sibling including her, to spend the march break at their house in the city. And they just hugged me silently and walked away without saying a single word, just nothing. Anyways i didn't think anything about this odd heaviness until i started crying in the middle of the night...please help me find out why i feel this way.
posted by Mya (age 13) on 2/4/2013 @4:31:42 AM •
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