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"dnt knw wat 2 do"
I have been engaged 2 my fiance for 2 years been toghter for almost 3 and he says he want to marry but but yet he wont get his divorce from his wife...i have not met his children or none of his family yet...what do i do i love him but something has 2 give...
posted by nina on 2/5/2013 @10:53:50 PM •
Two years? TWO?! Okay. I'm going to say right now that's too long for an engagement. "Engaged" should be a transitional process, not a relationship status. A time to work on integrating both families together to be one. Which segues me to this: if (we'll call him Jeff) hasn't introduced you to his wife (who he still hasn't divorced yet), his kids, or any of his family, after three years, that should SCREAM red flags. Blazing hot red flags. Honestly, my advice would be to book it, but if that's not what you want to do nor were you planning to, I say you should confront him with my first two pieces of opinion. Why HAVEN'T you met his family yet? What's keeping the engagement going? And if it's the divorce, Jeff needs to choose between you or his wife. These are the things to tell him.
posted by Chris (age 18) on 2/7/2013
Stand your ground and give him the option of moving forward NOW in his divorce or you're leaving. My sister has been engaged to a man now for 4 years (they even have a kid together), but he's still married to another woman whom he has no family ties to. If your man doesn't take the option that should tell you how much he actually cares for you. Give him a time period to which to submit and file for divorce. If he doesn't cut your ties and move on.
Good Luck Nina, B
posted by B on 2/12/2013

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