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"Leaving boys (7,8) with gp's for 3 weeks"
Our daughter is going into her high school senior year, and she plays girls
basketball for one of 22 Nike sponsored teams. This is her last travel ball season and she is gone the entire month of July as she travels to 5 states. My husband and I want to go, and we plan to take our boys to the first tournament in Dallas. At the end of that tournament, their aunt would pick up the boys and then drive them to Louisiana where they would stay with their grandparents for 3 WEEKS! The expense of traveling to five states with 4 is too much. I am torn because I don't want to miss my daughter, but my boys!! Ugh! The boys love their grandparents and ony get to see them once a year.
posted by Michelle on 2/9/2013 @10:12:40 AM •
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