relationship advice (post new situation)
so yea im in he army,
which is a stable career right,
and it seems to me,
most girls don't want me,
is it bcuz of the deployment that girls are scared to date me??
posted by josh on 2/16/2008 @1:05:48 AM •
Heyy. I believe that girls don't want to date you because you are so far away and if you cheat on them, they will never know. cause thats what happened with one of my friends. if you needa chat, I'm here.
posted by Allison on 2/16/2008
deployment is probably a big part of it. girls want to spend time with their boyfriends and that's not possible if the guy isn't around. also, girls need to know that their boyfriend is going to be faithful and without being around, that trust would be almost impossible to build up.
posted by me on 2/16/2008
yea ur prolly right, military life is hard for some girls to deal with..but trust me there is the right girl out there that will put up with that kinda life just to be with you! hope you find her someday!
posted by alicia on 2/21/2008

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