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"Bedroom Help"
Let me paint the picture for my readers...
We'll call me B and him Z (two of my favorite characters, Bella & Zdsadist, from JR Ward's amazing Black Dagger Brotherhood book series)

Z and I have been dating just about two months, not long, and I'm completely satisfied with my male. The only issue I'm having is when we're in the bedroom. As new couples I somewhat expect our sexual desires for each other and encounters to be much more often than what is really going on. He has specified from the begining that he doesn't want a sexual relationship, but rather a companionship which I can surely relate to since I also tire of having short term sexual flairs. Though with that said, I still expected to have sex at least as often as every other day at the begining of our relationship, with gradual spacing. In the two months I have noticed a pattern of having sex as rarely as every 5 days or so. Z is a very attractive early 30's gentleman and I am also a very attractive mid 20's. When we do have sex it is certainly satisfactory on both parts, even though he is not into any type of oral pleasures. He will not let me go down on him or touch his member, nor does he go down on me or play down there. I have to resort to playing with myself all the time in my private time and am sexually frustrated with how much sex I'm NOT having. I adore him greatly and don't want to leave him simply because we're sexually incompatable. I'm unsure what it is, is his libido low? Is he possibly gay? Am I not visually appealing enough (though I highly doubt that)?
Help readers! Does anyone have any suggested ways to bring this up to him? Or maybe any males/females that have either been through this or maybe you're a person with a low sexual drive... I want to be upfront and honest, but I don't want to hurt his feelings about me not being fully sexually pleased and most certainly would not resort to cheating.

posted by B (age 23) on 2/12/2013 @1:24:39 PM •
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