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"I was used"
After 3 yrs of being seperated from husband I met a man who was going through hell. Everything he'd worked hard to get was taken from him by a so called friend he trusted back stabed him. He just gave up on life & got depressed he was losing his mind & ended up becoming homeless. This is were I come in. I felt I needed to help this poor guy so I went through a lot of sad,angry,frustration sad times with him. I slept in my car with him because he didn't want to be alone. I was the only person who really cared. He got back on his feet about 10 mnths later. One evening we had an arguement n he told me to leave that he was tired of everyone. I figured it would pass cause it wasnt the first time we argued. On Thanksgiving I looked on facebook & I see a pic of him & a new girlfriend. I was shocked. She was not cute at all she was opposit of me. I tried talking to him I wanted an explanation but he never wanted to. He sent me a message saying that we were not compadible,jelouse, n couldn't take it no more. I was devestaded after everything I did for him he pays me like that. About a week later he's driving a suburban cause the new girl has 4 kids n I felt like such a loser. I love this man I couldn't stop thinking about him nite n day. I was at the point where I was going to pay to have a Santeria curse put on him. One morning on my way to work he's folowing me waveing me down to stop. He was in tears saying what a mistake he had made n so on. I saw him that day n he was really sad he told me everything about currant girl n how he got a second job cause he didn't want to go home to her. He said he was going to leave her if I forgave him. So I did. 2 days later I see him n he looked bad he said he talked to them that he was leaving and the kids began to cry and grab onto his leg for him not to leave. I really dont get that part but it's been a week later he hasn't left that house n hasn't contact me but I heard he's depresses again. I tried Texting him and wen I call the kids have his phone. I'm just mad.
posted by Minnie (age 35) on 3/1/2013 @9:20:30 PM •
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