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"long lost dad"
I haven't seen my dad since I was three because he was sent to jail for selling pot and my mom divorced him while he was there. After that happened I was told he's a terrible man and to never speak of him again.
I followed that rule until very recently; curiosity about where I come from has been building in me. I was forbidden to ever look at facebook or myspace so I checked just a few days ago, and turns out he has both. There's even a picture of me as a child on one.
I looked at everything I could find about him and he doesn't seem to be a bad person. He has his own business, a wife, and hasn't been to jail since then. Should I contact him or let it go? The photo of me was posted three years ago, but I think it means he still thinks of me. Also, we left when I was three but I'm five in the picture. I want to know how he got that.
posted by Blair on 3/13/2013 @6:46:22 PM •
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