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"problems. =|"
okay. i have alot of problems. but i need help on this one inparticular thing. okay, ive cheated on my boyfriend a couple of times, and he has done the same back to me. just to show me how it feels and stuff. But he wants me to show him that I care about him. But to tell you the truth, i really dont know how. And I need your alls help with that, PPPLLLLEEEEAAASSSSEEEE......
posted by Allison on 2/16/2008 @8:30:49 AM •
without knowing the full story, it sounds like your relationship may be a little unhealthy. you guys are going to have to show each other how faithful you are from here on out. trust is one of the most important things in a relationship and both of you are going to have to build it back up. prove to him that it's him you want to be with. and, really, if it's so easy for both of you to cheat, maybe this isn't the right person for you. hope that helps!
posted by jamie on 2/16/2008
trust does take time. sometimes - a really long time. but maybe if you ask him what will make him feel better and not worry, you'll find out exactly what bothers him.
posted by rick on 2/16/2008
I been throught the same thing & u know what u should show him that u love him and care about him but u gotta see iif he feels the same .
posted by mariia on 2/16/2008
You both are goin to have to make a change. B/c if you both cheat then you proble dont rlly need to be together. You might wanna go to who ever you are cheatin w/ an give that a try but if nither one of you care then its up to you. Just tlk to your b/f about it nd go from there. (love is a battle field)
posted by Kc on 2/17/2008

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