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"Fed up ! "
Hi my name is Tina I have e been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 3 1/2 yrs he asked me to move in with him to another state ( leaving my family, friends and job)I agreed and things were wonderful the first few months . His 20 yr old daughter moved in and 4 months later her bf who was going to live unilt he finds a place " rented a room" well its now 2 yrs well he slowly started sleeping in the same room as his daughter taking showers together and acting like it's there home " playing house" making mess not cleaning up after themself don't buy food and expects me to cook and clean all the time I work a full time job with mentally retarded and autistic adults very stressful ! I have never lived with such lazy ass people they smoke weed as well and eat everything he pays 400.00 for rent and she pays Nothing I pay all utilities food and them some I pay more them he does oh he's 29 I don't don't get along with them they are loud and obnoxious and they r driving me crazy the sight of them just annoyed the hell out of me I tried but am losing it his daughter is lazy and a snob notches all the time she works 16 hrs a week woo hoo sleeps eats and smokes pot all day long her bf is just rude opinionated and loud believe me there is more am trying to keep short but get my point across I love my boyfriend to death I would love to marry him someday but I wonder if I can live the rest of my lifelike this when am so unhappy with the living situation he tell them about everything the cleaning they ete they yes him and right back to there ways ! I don't know what to do ! HELP
posted by tine (age 44) on 3/19/2013 @6:02:22 PM •
Talk to your boyfriend about him and you sitting down and talking to his daughter. It was right for him to help her at first but they're taking advantage now. Either they start cleaning up after themselves and paying more towards the rent or they start looking for a place of their own.
posted by Sarah on 3/27/2013

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