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"where should we move to?"
I am a single mom, currently living in a rural small town without any family nearby...a result of leaving an abusive relationship. But we need to move because we don't have a car or friends to take us grocery shopping in a larger town 30 minutes away. There is a small, expensive grocer in town, which we walk to, but the kids' school is five miles away (they are bussed), I need regular medical care, which is 10 miles away (use Medicaid provided transportation), and we have not been happy here. Our lease is up at the end of April and I have given notice that we are moving.

My mother wants us to move back to my hometown, which has limited opportunities, but is bigger and has more resources than this town. Plus family is there. But a big part of me wants to live in a city big enough to have public transportation, cultural diversity, job opportunities, and better resources altogether. My home town would be stifling.

Either way, we do not have our own place to stay. In my hometown, it would be with family until we get on our feet. In a city, it may have to be emergency housing or some other homelessness program at first because public housing waiting lists are so long.

I have a bachelor's degree and am working on my Master's online. But I do not have a job. I don't even get child support for my three children at home. We have been living off of my student cash welfare. I think a city would provide more job possibilities, but keep in mind I have medical issues. My hometown would provide a family support system and my kids need their grandmother in their life. I hate that I do not have wages coming in, but it has been so hard recovering from the domestic violence we escaped. However, it is time to get on with life.

My question is: given the pros and cons I've listed for prospective moving destinations, where is the best place for my family to go? My hometown or a bigger city?
posted by Susan (age 36) on 3/30/2013 @1:05:03 AM •
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