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"love triangle "
I'm in a relationship with a man and I think I maybe a lesbian I have feelings for another female very strong feelings I don't know what to do I love my man but I think I love her too and I don't know if this is just a fantasy thing I have had sex with this female to awhile ago once she makes me happy I think about her everyday and I need advice please help I never thought I would think I might be a lesbian its so weird my family made it seem bad
posted by Samantha (age 20) on 3/31/2013 @11:32:11 PM •
you may be bisexual not a lesbian by the sounds of things, also you should try to figure out who you love more, and who you would be more happier with, maybe once you figured that out you could talk to your partner if you decide you rather be with the female, also it could be helpful to talk to the female and discover if she likes you back in that way
posted by Amiee on 4/15/2013

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