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"So Confused"
My boyfriend is a very sweet, caring, and loving guy. I love everything about him. There's just one problem though. Sex is a very sensitive subject for both me and him. I know he's ready to have sex, but in a way I'm not. I really want to, but i just cant. I think its just something that is trying to tell me don't. I'm so confused that I dont know what to do.

Another thing, My dad doesn't like him, but I do. He tells me I can do better than him and I need to find somebody that can do something for me in my life. My boyfriend now does everything in his power for me. He makes me happy and I love what he can do for me. Basically my dad is saying that I shouldn't be with him because he's a year younger than me. But I really do want to have a future with him, I just dont see anyone but him. I really need advice on what to do. Please Help:(
posted by Re'Jeane (age 19) on 4/2/2013 @11:47:56 AM •
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