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I posted a situation about 3 days ago on here. And i appreciate everyones opinions. I am doing what makes me happy by dating this older guy, he has made me the happiest in life i have been in a really long time. But i really dont like it when people say if you are 16 and dating a 20 year old..its the same thing as being 16 and dating a 12 year old..because it really easy, the maturity level is omplety different, and you are developed enough at this age to know what you want. And surely, when you are dont.
posted by LaChelle on 2/16/2008 @9:26:31 PM •
i left my thoughts about your situation, and i just read the others. only one person thought that 12 & 16 was the same exact thing as 16 & 20. i don't agree with that, but... this is an open forum, so you might here something you don't want to. just try not to let it bother or offend you... i'm still sticking to the same thing: if you have to hide it (like from your parents), or if it feels wrong in your gut, it may not be the best thing to do. but if that's not the case, then just take everything really, really slowly so there'll be no regrets.
posted by jon on 2/17/2008

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