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"Friendship crap."
I've been suffering from depression for 4 months. I got the enlightenment and decided to move on, positive in life. I realised my close friend was the root of all depression. He's a very rich guy and knows lots of stuff. He knows loads of movies, places to eat, malls etc.

He used to ask me about them, an as you've guessed it, I didn't know them. And he was like "You don't know this. Go kill yourself". So I was brought down to his level of a materialistic life. My way of life, direction of life was based upon him, everything was done to impress him.

And after I got the enlightenment from my depression, I wanted to let EVERYTHING in my mind outside. So, I wrote some insulting stuff in his Facebook page. Now, he's really sad about it, and I think he's never going to be my friend again. Anyways, he's a very nice person. I would feel sad if he were to lose all contact with me.
So I'm asking for your help.
posted by Anwesh Bhattacharya (age 15) on 4/4/2013 @5:40:10 AM •
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