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Hi, I need advice, I live with my husband and children, my husband gets angry all the time and generally hates us, everything bothers him and he loves upsetting my children, he likes to have total controll of us. I have asked him to leave a few times, both times when he actually wanted to leave, he told us he hated us and loved mis motor bike that he had just bought without discussing it with me, (and our money is joint controlled). He said I love it more than any of you or any of this crap meaning the house etc... He randomly starts swearing and raging, when I asked him to leave he just did not go, after two weeks of not speaking to me and the kids he suddenly asks can he stay and work it out. I have said yes both times and he is usually good for a day and a half then it is exactly the same again, I am pretty sure it is bi-polar, but he refuses to get help. My children are teenagers and they are damaged, mostly depressed I think one of them has bi polar too, they hate him most of the time. How do I stop him manipulating me so that he will leave? thankyou
posted by Steph (age 44) on 4/10/2013 @7:11:09 AM •
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