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My step daughter had a baby three years ago. The father refused to be a part of the babies life. Last year she met a man and two month later he proposed. He was leaving to go over seas for a year and the plan was they would get married when he returned. Without telling her father and I they got married before he left. We were not invited but her Mother and siblings from her mother's side attended. Once he came back they were together two to four weeks and she left him. Six months later she meets another name while still married and a month later is pregnant again. Now she has scheduled a wedding in three weeks. She has scheduled in on a Friday night at 6 which is a work day for us that we are unable to take off. She scheduled the wedding without even asking if we could attend that day. We already had plans to attend a graduation. Now she is just being RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL about us just not dropping everything and being there. We plan to attend and told her so, but she is calling up our other children saying all kind of stuff about us not coming. Are we wrong to feel this way? Should she not have at least checked with us first.
posted by Terry on 4/16/2013 @12:02:21 PM •
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