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"parking space"
My boss moved in with two other attorneys in a new building. My boss has two paralegals and the other two attorney have one each.The building has 5 parking spaces. 3 of which are to all the attorneys' and the secretary's were to share two spots.(Which was happily agreed by all) which would make it five. The other two attorneys took the extra two spots one for each of there employees. Meanwhile, my bosses para meaning myself and co-worker have to look for parking in the street. Also, the other employers who have spots downstairs come in at ten and that is when it is okay to park, they both live in the area so it is not necessary that they drive. (I know that does not matter but wanted to add it in) meanwhile I come in at 8:00 in the morning open up the office, drive an hour to get here, then I have to sit in my car, for half an hour, go upstairs for half an hour then come down to move my car.I have spoke out regarding this and they tell me it will be fixed.It has been three weeks maybe four and nothing. I have worked with my boss for twenty years and have seniority over all here as far as age and experience.Just want an opinion on the whole situation.
posted by Dawn on 4/16/2013 @3:43:00 PM •
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