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my son was at at store with his friend and a lady that works there had ended her shift at 5pm so my son went up there about 7pm to get something to eat the lady came back around that time to buy a drink saw my son in there and started talking noise to him he walked off she still following him talking noise at this time he still hadn't respond to her until she said she will spit in his face ok now hes mouthing with her. she calls police they take him to police station instead of listening to his side he has someone to back him up on what happened they didn't care they didn't want to hear it then she got him banned for no reason .just because she works there but was off came up there 2 hours later see him and start talking noise all because of something that happened the earlier part of last year what can I do
posted by misty (age 36) on 5/3/2013 @10:48:47 AM •
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