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"Why can't I be like them"
Well like all of the other schools, our school has a group of populars. They're pretty much just a group of girls who are like pretty (usually cause of makeup) and who like date 3 guys a month, they also claim to have 5 best friends each. I don't even think that's possible. Anyways now back to me, I get good grades and am on the honor roll. But idk why it's just really hard for me to... Fit in? I'm medium in weight, I have blond hair and am neither tall nor short. Everyone seems to be in their own group. There are the nerds,populars,weirdos,cool kids, the shopping divas, the wanna bees and more. All the groups have like at least 7 people. Well I think I'm giving you the wrong picture... I'm actually really weird and funny, and I have LOTS of friends. But out of those friends there's like only 1 who I can actually trust. All my other friends think thAt I take everything as a joke. I got like a purple hair extension (big mistake) and they were all like "haha that's so fake" one girl actually even tried to pull it out! Pretty much I have 2 best friends in my grade. One, who I trust completely who I frickin love to death. And the other who always fights with us and sais things like "why am I even friends with you people." And who ocassionally ditches us. Sorry that I'm writting so much I just need somewhere to vent.
So next I have my family. I have a brother, a mom, and a dad. Well we are NOT close at all. My mom pretty much cooks, cleans, and stays on her laptop, my dad's always at work or when he's not he's in college, or just on his computer. My brother is 16, he just totally blocks me out. He's not mean, we just don't know each other at all, I stay in my room, and he does the same.
All the popular kids to whom I refered earlier hang out like EVERY day, I'm serious always! They go to the mall. They have sleep overs on school nights. They go out to the movies. They go on vacations together. And here I am, my mom won't let me have sleep overs AT ALL not on the week end. I'm lucky to have a friend over for just a few hours. But seriously in the past 2 months I've had a friend over ONCE! Oh yah and I don't ever get invited to parties or anything, ever.
A guy asked me out by text, I was like wow so I'm not forever alone somone actually asked me out?! Someone actually likes me, thinks I'm pretty?! And here is what he answered
"No it was a f*cking dare, I would never ask you out"
So yes here's a summary of my life, I don't really have a question I just am... Lost
posted by Sonya (age 12) on 5/14/2013 @3:54:17 PM •
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