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"How can I make this move possible?"
Living in Pa. for 12 years. Hate it. Too rural. Living with my husband, adult daughter and 15 year old grandson who loves Pa. and doesn't want to move. We want to move to Delaware. A mobile home has too many restrictions and we have more than two pets that they allow. Plus the lot fee is between $500-$600 a month. Buying a home under $135,000 on my equity loan is an option but I already owe $21,000 on the loan. Then there is paying it back. Would have to get new jobs in Delaware. Husband wants to rent our home but the equity loan is not a fixed interest loan. The interest can continue to go up as the economy gets better. Grandson wants to live in Pa. even after he graduates in three years. Not fair to me since I've hated it here for over 12 years now. I'm at a loss on how to make this move. How to compromise with my grandson.
and still have a little bit of retirement. Any suggestions would be VERY appreciated. Thank you.
posted by Arlen (age 66) on 5/15/2013 @9:23:58 PM •
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